About Us

SF Noodles


Founded in 1985 in a 1600 sqft factory, our company started with the manufacturing of Fresh Noodles such as Rice Noodles and Wheat Noodles, fondly known as Kueh Teow and Mee Kuning in Malaysia.

In 2008, we ventured into Chilled Noodles, as the culinary trends and demands shifted towards such noodles. These Chilled Noodles include the popular Wonton Noodles, Pan Mee, Hakka Mee and a variety of Ramen.

Our latest product, Fried Noodles, was introduced in 2015. This product range includes Yeemee, Fried Misua, and Shabu Noodles. Soon Fatt’s very own Shabu Noodle quickly gained popularity within the steamboat community and garnered a strong following in the Klang Valley.

From its humble beginnings, Soon Fatt Foods Sdn Bhd now owns an impressive 9000 sqft of factory space and 3200 sqft of warehouse storage. Our continuously flourishing structure caters to the company’s strong, yet growing, market footing, with distributions in other major cities such as Negeri Sembilan, Melaka and Pulau Pinang.


Our Vision

We believe in product innovation and strive to improve the manufacturing processes to deliver superior and nutritious noodle products while maintaining the traditional flavour and texture. We aim towards Zero synthetic preservative and natural taste.

Our Mission

We are committed to the achievement of sustainable growth by providing a comprehensive range of noodle products and services to our customers and the community where we operate.

Our Brands

SF Noodles - our brands

Customer Services Policy

We believe in fostering mutually beneficial relationships with all our customers to ensure they have the right type of noodle products, suited to their desired noodle dishes. We put our customers first and strive to secure their loyalty through top quality service in maximizing customer satisfaction based on steadfast sincerity and ceaseless efforts to meet their requirements.  

Quality Policy

By constantly monitoring the production processes, we are able to preserve the quality of our noodles. We continue to innovate; making our noodles manufacturing processes more efficient while improving flavour and shelf life, as well as, adapting our noodle products to suit market needs and consumer demands.
We have achieved MESTI certification from the Ministry of Health, Malaysia (MOH).
SF Noodles - our certification

HALAL Certification

We attained the Halal Certification from Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia in 2013. In doing so, we ensure our customers, particularly the Muslim community that our products are sincere and safe to be consumed. All ingredients used to produce the noodles are certified by the Islamic Communities to be Halal.
Halal Policy
Our priority is to produce clean food products which are free from any elements not following the Hukum Islam and Syara’. We ensure that our products are natural and in accordance with the Laws of Syariah.
100% HALAL Suppliers
We only partner with suppliers with high quality products that are already Halal certified by JAKIM for locally produced products, and any other overseas Islamic bodies endorsed by JAKIM for imported products.
Polici Halal
Keutamaan kami adalah untuk menyediakan produk makanan yang bersih dan bebas daripada sebarang unsur yang tidak menurut hukum Islam dan syara’. Kami tegas menjaga kualiti produk yang dikeluarkan supaya tidak memudaratkan kesihatan. Kami memastikan produk kami adalah dari bahan semulajadi yang mengikut undang-undang Syariah.
100% Pembekal HALAL
Kami hanya berurusan dengan pembekal yang mempunyai produk yang berkualiti tinggi dan telah diiktiraf Halal oleh JAKIM bagi barangan keluaran tempatan, atau mana-mana badan Islam di luar negara yang diiktiraf oleh JAKIM bagi barangan impot.