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Fried Misua (炸面线)
Fried Misua (炸面线)
Fried Misua (炸面线)
Fried Misua (炸面线)

Fried Misua (炸面线)

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Fried Misua are a very thin variety of salted noodles made from wheat flour. It originated in Fujian, China. This noodles may be cooked a number of ways. They are boiled first, then can be stir fried, or used in soups or gravy.

  • Ingredient: Wheat Flour, Salt, Edible Palm Oil and Permitted Food Conditioners
  • Nutritional Facts (100g):
    • Energy=485Kcal,
    • Protein=9.7g,
    • Carbohydrate=66.2g,
    • Fat=20.1g
  • This item contains the following allergens: Gluten
  • Serving method: Boiled first in hot water for 30sec and served with hot soup or gravy sauce.
  • Total 5pcs Misua in single packet weight at 400g
  • Shelf live: 6 months
  • Storage: Keep in dry place. After open, keep in airtight wares.